Frontline 3D Print Farms - Makers helping with Covid 19 crisis relief

The Frontline 3D Print Farm initiative uses 3D printing technology, design, innovation and creativity to provide solutions to issues being faced by frontline medical and care staff during the Covid 19 crisis.

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Amman Valley MakerSpace is here to support community wide access to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (STEAM). We achieve this through open access membership which provides every member of our community with access to state of the art and traditional equipment. We also deliver a range of organised classes and groups to support skills development across South and West Wales.

The MakerSpace is here for all - everyone is welcome and there are no age or skill restrictions. We are an integral part of our community and as such seek to undertake projects, activities and collaborations that engage and support the broader population.

MakerSpace is an umbrella for a wide range of groups with different interests - ranging from traditional areen woodcraft, to developing computer code for robots - that share skills, knowledge and experience for a common objective

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