Consultations and Community Discussions

In order to ensure the activities undertaken by organisations within our community reflect the needs we have, on-going consultation is key.

Below you will find the most current opportunities to have your say and the information resulting from past consultations and data.

Volunteer Hub - Charity and Third Sector Survey

The Amman Valley Volunteer Hub is a project started by Cwmaman Town Council to help people realise their potential and see the real life benefits that volunteering offers. We also aim to support local groups, organisations and charitable causes to access volunteer support to ensure that our community is both more sustainable and more cohesive for all.

Given that one of the main outcomes for the Amman Valley Volunteer Hub is to help develop volunteer and group/organisation skills and capacity... we have created the short survey below to gather information which we will use to develop a series of workshops, information sharing sessions and professionals meetings.

If you could possibly find 5 minutes to complete the survey and share within your network/on your social media, we would really appreciate the support.

We are also looking to create a short video that covers the benefits and realities of volunteering (from all perspectives) within rural communities in Wales. If you, colleagues or clients would be interested in contributing to this then please let me know and we can arrange a session to capture the content.

Link to survey:



Facebook Link: Click Here

Hardcopy and PDF form versions are available upon request and can be returned to myself at this email address or via post to Robert Venus, Community Development, Cwmaman Community Centre, High Street, Glanamman SA18 1DX.


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Feasibility Study - Community Asset Development

Cwmaman Town Council has undertaken a feasibility study focussed on a range of physical assets based within the community.

These include assets that are currently owned by the Council, those that are due to transfer over to Cwmaman Town Council from Carmarthenshire County Council and those which may transfer in the future. To ensure that we captured the most comprehensive range of community views we delivered over 10 focus groups, delivered a household survey, met with professionals across a broad range of fields working in our community and used our social media platforms to gather live updates.

This feasibility study will help shape the future development of our assets and have set the scene for a number of new projects that we hope to take forward with our residents.

To read the feasibility study on the potential future uses of Cwmaman's community owned assets, download the PDF file here


Community Centre Survey and Focus Group Data

Cwmaman Town Council has undertaken an asset transfer for numerous community assets from the County Council to ensure they remain within the community. One such asset was the Community Centre on High Street in Glanamman which has been a part local life for generations.

In order to ensure we deliver a Centre that meets the community needs and demands, we have undertaken a dedicated survey and conducted a number of discussions with existing users and other Cwmaman residents. The key findings of this community discussion can be found within the PDF document located here.

To ensure we maintain the most up-to-date view of local needs in regards to the Community Centre... we would also like to hear your views, ideas and suggestions; whenever you find yourself reading this post. To do so, just click this link to send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.