Amman Valley Volunteer Hub

Supporting volunteers and organisations in need of volunteer support throughout the Amman Valley...

Cwmaman Town Council see community volunteering as a mutually beneficial experience. On the part of the volunteer in allows for increased socialising opportunities, skills development, employability and sense of well-being and achievement. Whilst also helping to increase and realise individual capacity for the benefit of the community as a whole.

When combined with the comparatively low number of 3rd sector organisations within our community, and the variety of issues where volunteers can make a real difference (environment, older people, children, disability groups etc), we hope to utilise volunteer action as a key component of our services going forward.

It is our intention to provide volunteering opportunities in each of the services above and allow those with skills in our community to realise this and develop themselves whilst supporting the development and enhancement of their community. In recognition of this we intend to support each volunteer through a package of training whilst ensuring we provide this in the best way possible through working towards the Investor in Volunteers Awards.

Cwmaman Town Council is also committed to collaboration with clubs, groups, organisation and individuals in our communities who feel they have an idea which would be supported through volunteer action. We will support such requests through advocacy, promotion of volunteer opportunities, support with volunteering policies and procedures and through connection to CAVS and other organisations which may be able to assist in ideas becoming a reality.

Below you can find information on live volunteering opportunities, register as a volunteer (we will notify you directly of opportunities that suit your interests), request support in sourcing volunteers and some useful links to external organisations.