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5th of February 2020 - Our New Bandsaw Mill

Today we started to construct the newly purchased bandsaw mill from Woodland Mills UK.

With the help of some great community volunteers it went brilliantly and we should, fingers crossed, have it up and running by next week.

This great machine is going to allow us to process trees into usable timber for use within the project and to support other community projects such as Amman Valley MakerSpace and The Hearth Workshop. Of course, we have no intention of felling our beautiful trees just to get timber from them. As such we will only be directly processing trees that:

  • Have had to be felled due to safety.
  • Have been affected by diseases such as Ash Dieback.
  • Have fallen naturally due to high winds or other such problem.
  • Have been donated to us by local arborists and would otherwise end up as firewood.

If you'd like to get involved with the bandsaw mill, to learn how it works, help process materials or make use of it to process your own... then you can let us know by contacting Rob on [email protected]

This is the communities mill and will be made accessible to anyone who shares our values as above and is happy to go through the relevant induction and safety checks. All we ask for in return is a small amount of the materials produced, provide your own fuel and coolans and that you contribute towards the maintenance costs.

More updates soon on the bandsaw... and its new name! 🙂