Green Infrastructure Charter

1. Statement

The Green Infrastructure Charter for the Amman Valley seeks to bring together people from across all sectors under a set of aims defined during consultation with representatives across these sectors:

  1. Protecting and enhancing the local environment.
  2. Ensuring we make the best, most sustainable, use of natural assets and resources within the Valley.
  3. Provide meaningful and rewarding opportunities which meet aim 1 and 2 whilst supporting improved social, emotional, economic and health related well-being.
  4. Support economic growth through increased awareness of Green Infrastructure related career and business opportunities.
  5. To recognise, formally, the work already being undertaken in support of these aims and to assist those wishing to contribute through the GI Charter Award.
  6. To improve community cohesion, sense of place and happiness with the Valley as a place to live, work and raise children.

2. Benefits

Community Members

  1. Improved access to natural spaces
  2. Benefits to personal health and wellbeing through organised activities.
  3. Advocacy to help protect the local environment.
  4. Opportunity to participate in GI events and activities.
  5. Improved volunteering and skill development opportunities.

Local Businesses

  1. Support with the development of environment policies which meet local need.
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities through staff volunteering.
  3. Improved staff morale, teamwork and well-being.
  4. Recognition for business concern and action around environmental issues.
  5. Formal recognition under the “GI Charter Award” through ongoing and committed involvement.
  6. Breakdown of business impact on GI priorities locally and efforts in support of local Place Plans and the Well-being of Future Generations Act National Indicators.

Town and Community Councils

  1. Improved engagement and recognition against environmental issues within your communities.
  2. Reference of actions undertaken in compliance with the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act (Wales) duties and other associated legislation.
  3. Opportunity to collaborate across communities and enhance access to grant funding and shared resources.
  4. Improved opportunities for volunteering within your communities for both Councillors and your residents.

Schools and Education

  1. Access to education resources specific to the local area; making learning real and relatable.
  2. Support with the integration of Green Infrastructure within your curriculum.
  3. Easily accessible field-trip opportunities and the early involvement in the development of outdoor learning spaces.
  4. Recognition for the school under the Eco-Schools framework, the Well-being of Future Generations Act and “Well-being” aspects of the National Curriculum.
  5. Greater opportunities for ecology, sustainability and ecology related research and practical experience for HE and FE students.
  6. Improved staff well-being and morale through staff only engagement, training and volunteering events.

3. Agreement

When becoming a member of the "Green Infrastructure Amman Valley Charter", all members are asked to:

  1. Consider the impact of changes made upon the local and wider environment.
  2. Support volunteer activity within the community to improve and enhance Green Infrastructure.
  3. To share learning and skills through the “GI Updates” bulletin and the “GI Skills Share” scheme.
  4. To undertake, with support, a review of relevant policies and procedures within 6 months of becoming a member.
  5. Individuals: To undertake 2 days of volunteer activity every 12 months as a minimum.
  6. Businesses and Organisations: To undertake 2 days of team-based volunteer activity every 12months as a minimum.

4. Register

To register your interest in becoming a member of the "Green Infrastructure Amman Valley Charter", please email [email protected] to receive your registration forms and further assistance.

If you have any queries in relation to the Charter, or other GI activities being undertaken, please contract:

N: Rob Venus

E: [email protected]

M: 07401 424842