Carmarthenshire Nature Partnership


The Carmarthenshire Nature Partnership (formerly Carmarthenshire Biodiversity Partnership) includes organisations including the Council, government, and non-government wildlife bodies, wildlife charities and voluntary groups - all working together to conserve and enhance Carmarthenshire’s biodiversity.

The group meets three times a year and is facilitated by the Council’s Biodiversity officer. The partners’ work focuses on action that seeks to maintain and enhance biodiversity within Carmarthenshire either through the management of land, or action to help specific species. All raise awareness about the county’s species and habitats, and the issues affecting biodiversity in Carmarthenshire. By sharing experience, knowledge and best practice, partner projects develop from these meetings. The knowledge and expertise within the group aims to inform the implementation of national legislation and policy at a local level. An annual report is produced each year to highlight the work of the partners.

Welsh Government have produced a Nature Recovery Action Plan that sets out how Wales will deliver the commitments of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and the EU Biodiversity Strategy to halt the decline in our biodiversity and then reverse that decline.

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Updates and Documents

  • Carmarthenshire Nature Notes June - July 2020 English / Welsh