Community Development Officer Reports

Within this section of Community Development pages you can find the 6 most recent reports issued by the Community Development Officer.

Mostly these will be monthly Community Development Officer Reports which are produced following the Community Development Sub-Committee meetings and then issues to Main Council. However, on occasion I produce special reports that address particular topics in detail or provide updates on CDO Projects.

If you wish to view reports not listed below, then these are available within the Council pages of the site. You can also contact me directly at [email protected] to request details on any particular report or issue.

Special Reports

CDO Special Report - Parks and Recreation Development

Cwmaman Town Council Annual Wellbeing Report

CDO Projects Update Report - July 2019

Cwmaman Well-being Act Report - 2019

Cwmaman Future - Asset Based Community Development

- a Vehicle for Change

Special Reports

CDO Monthly Report - May 2019

CDO Monthly Report - June 2019

CDO Monthly Report - July 2019

CDO Monthly Report - September 2019

CDO Monthly Report - November 2019

CDO Monthly Report - January 2020

CDO Projects and Budget Meeting - January 2020

CDO Monthly Report - February 2020

CDO Monthly Report - April 2020

CDO Monthly Report - May 2020

GI Project Year 1 Final Report

GI Project Actif Woods Evaluation Report

CDO Monthly Report - June 2020

CDO Monthly Report - July 2020

CDO Meeting Notes - August 2020

CDO Monthly Report - September 2020

CDO Monthly Report - October 2020

CDO Monthly Report - November 2020